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The Stunt Pro takes stunt riding to the extreme, improving upon the already awesome Street Stunt. If you like to take things to the next level than this super-tough reinforced scooter with a 360 rotating handlebar and extra strength alloy core cast wheels will make you push the limits of what’s humanly possible!

• ABEC-7 bearing

• Concave footplate size 480mm x 108mm

• Triple clamp

• Strong steel alloy head set

• Die-casting headtube for extreme strength & durability

• Overall size (L x W x H) 680mm x 510mm x 840mm

• 110mm / 85A extra strength Alu Core PU cast wheels

• 6061 heat treated alloy reinforced footplate

• Steel stop brake

• Max Load 150kg

Product Description

When purchasing a scooter it is within the interest of your safety and the safety of others that the following recommended guidelines are read and understood by all members involved in the purchase.

  • It is required by law that the appropriate protective equipment such as a safety approved helmet that has been fitted properly is worn at all times. It also recommended that knee, elbow, and wrist guards must be worn when using any type of scooter.
  • Children must always be supervised by a responsible adult at all times when using a scooter.
  • Not Suitable for children under 8 years old.
  • To ensure maximum safety it is suggested that your child is made fully aware of the road rules and that they understand and abide the meaning of said rules.
  • Do not ever allow a young child to ride their scooter near a road.
  • It essential for your child's safety and the optimum performance of the scooter in question that you have fully read and understood all the instructions accompanying your scooter before use.