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News The Best Dirt Scooters From Mashed Up Scooters

Mashed Up Scooters offer a range of these high-performance dirt scooters designed for riders of all levels.

February 2, 2023
blog It’s Scooter Season!

With Winter well and truly behind us, here at Mashed UP HQ, we’re looking forwards to Spring and Summer which can only mean one thing… It’s scooter season! So why not start your scooter season off with a bang and get a brand new Mashed Up scooter. In case you’ve forgotten us, we thought we’d …

March 29, 2022
blog Winter Savings

There are some great savings on our scooters up for grabs right now at Check out some of the great deals available below!   Mashed Up Dirt 200mm Wheel Black Dirt Scooter now only £49.95 Mashed Up PREMIUM City Commuter 200mm Adjustable Folding Kick Scooter now further reduced to £59.90 Available in Silver, Blue …

October 29, 2021
blog safety Safety Tips For Riding A Kick Scooter

Riding a scooter is a fun form of exercise and stunt scooting is a thrilling extreme sport and hobby. Although scooting is a safe activity for kids and adults, there are a few safety precautions that riders need to be aware of to keep scooting safe and fun. Check out our guide below for some …

September 6, 2021
blog Tricks 5 Easy Scooter Tricks for Absolute Beginners

So, you have your stunt scooter and you want to start learning some tricks. Where do you begin? Here are 5 tricks for absolute beginners. These tricks are easy to master and form the basis of many advanced tricks!   1: The Bunny Hop The bunny hop is simply jumping with your scooter while in …

July 20, 2021
Tricks Pro Tips For Riding A Kick Scooter

Want to start riding your kick scooter like a pro? Below are our tips to get you performing tricks like a pro in no time! Kit yourself out The most important piece of kit for riders of any ability is a good helmet. Good knee pads are also an essential piece of kit. As your …

June 18, 2021
News Benefits Of Riding A Kick Scooter

There are tons of reasons why we love scooters! here are some of our favourites:   It’s healthy! Being outdoors is great for your physical and mental health, and riding a scooter is the perfect form of exercise for people of all sizes. A recent study by the University of Brighton found that scooting for …

May 13, 2021
blog The Mashed Up Dirt Scooter – All Terrain

Take it outside with a Mashed UP dirt scooter! Dirt scooters are perfect for riding on all-terrain! Whether that’s forests, dirt tracks, or you just want a more comfortable ride on the pavement, a high-performance body and off-road dirt tires will allow you to perform your best- wherever you are.   Dirt scooter VS kick …

March 11, 2021
News Mashed Up Scooters Christmas Gift Guide

The big day is nearly here yet there is still enough time to go out and get those final few Christmas presents! And if scooters are your thing, then take a look at the wide range of scooters we have available. In this guide, we’ll be walking you through each of our ranges, so you …

November 30, 2020
News Top 5 Skate Parks In The UK

Top 5 Skate Parks In The UK We wanted to take a look at some of the best skate parks in the UK for you to try out. And we get it, we know that if you’re living in Cornwall that a skate park in Scotland probably isn’t going to cut it for you! That’s …

July 22, 2020
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