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Welcome to Mashed UP Scooters

Mashed Up Scooters are building some of the finest rides around.

With a massive wealth of experience in motor sports, manufacturing and design - our scooters are designed for freestyle.

Here at mashed Up Scooters we listen to our riders and carry out long term tests to develop our products.

We work hard to produce scooters that meet the high standards of today's riders and their feedback is all important to our development team.

Our range is inspired by some of the best extreme riders out there so you can follow in their footsteps, or should I say tracks. Let our scooters inspire you to a different level of performance.

Find a Skate Park

Looking for a skate park to hone your skills?
Find one near you!

Extreme Stunt Scooter

Take a look at our new neo chrome Extreme stunt scooter!

Body Protection

Don't forget to wear a helmet and body protection when you're shredding your Mashed Up stunt scooter!

Mashed UP Electric Scoot

Take a look at the new Mashed UP electric scooter!

Mashed Up Scooters - Up the Walls

Three Simple Things to Ride Like a Pro Rider

Your Scooter

Choose a scooter that fits your height and that you are comfortable on. If in doubt contact us for more information.

Get Reliable Body Protection

Make sure you wear a helmet and body protection when riding your scooter, especially at the skate park.

Practice Relentlessly!

Practice every opportunity you get, go to open days and skate parks and watch the pro’s perform.

Don’t Miss Out on Special Offers

Our UK supplier Funbikes regularly offer discounts and special deals on the whole Mashed Up range so be sure to check out their website for the latest hot deals!