It’s Scooter Season!

March 29, 2022

With Winter well and truly behind us, here at Mashed UP HQ, we’re looking forwards to Spring and Summer which can only mean one thing…

It’s scooter season!

So why not start your scooter season off with a bang and get a brand new Mashed Up scooter.

In case you’ve forgotten us, we thought we’d showcase 3 of our best scooters to make you seriously consider upgrading your current scooter.

Mashed Up Stunt Pro Scooter

Our core product is available at a fantastic price, the Mashed Up Stunt Pro Scooter gives the rider the ultimate freedom and ability to practice tricks, ride with their friends and go to skateparks to ride halfpipes and rails.

Backed up with features including Y-Style Chromoly construction reinforced handlebar, ABEC-7 bearings and heat-treated alloy reinforced footplate, you can expect a solid performance whilst practising your tricks with features that are hidden in the background to aid your performance.

Mashed Up Premium

The Mashed Up Premium Scooter is for those who want more specific features.

200mm rebound wheels, fully folding functionality, adjustable height levers and enhanced suspension.

This is a completely different style of scooter compared to our Stunt Pro, as this is for more riding purposes and enjoying getting around town on a scooter.

Mashed Up AIR RIDE Scooter

The Mashed Up AIR RIDE Scooter is one of our favourite scooters we have in stock.

With features including 200mm air-filled tyres giving the user a smooth and comfortable ride, fully folding functionality and front and rear suspensions, you’ve never felt a ride as comfortable and sleek as this!

Get Your Mashed Up Scooters online today!

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