Mashed Up Folding Electric Scooter

March 12, 2020

Mashed Up Electric Scooter

Is this the future of commuting! Featuring 8” non-pneumatic tyres that easily ride over bumps and cracks in streets and pavements. The YTE is a high powered scooter with a boosted 350w motor with a 36v battery, giving up to 15 mph for a distance of 12-18 miles (optimum performance).

Designed for adults and young adults with height-adjustable handlebars and reinforced frame. Max rider weight of 100kg.

The YTE electric scooter is rear-wheel drive also features rear suspension. The soft stop electric rear brake is operated from the handlebars. Additional braking by foot onto the rear mudguard which doubles as a brake.

Fitted with front and rear LED lights, with flashing brake light for added visibility.

Mashed Up Electric Scooter


Boosted 350w Motor
Lithium 36V 7.8Ah Battery
12-18 miles per charge
15.5mph Top Speed
8″ Non-Pneumatic tyres
Hand-Brake Double Regenerative Braking System
Three Speed Settings
Reinforced Baseboard & Fender
LED Headlight
Recharge Indicator
IP54 Water-resistant
Weight: 13.4kg
Height from Handlebars to Deck: 94cm
Dimensions: L105cm x W43cm x H107cm

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