Top 5 Skate Parks In The UK

July 22, 2020
Southbank, London

Top 5 Skate Parks In The UK

We wanted to take a look at some of the best skate parks in the UK for you to try out.

And we get it, we know that if you’re living in Cornwall that a skate park in Scotland probably isn’t going to cut it for you!

That’s why we’ve tried our best to give you the best skate parks to visit up and down the country, wherever you are.

London Southbank

Southbank, London

Arguably one of the most well-known skate parks in the UK and situated right next to the River Thames, it’s pretty much smack, bang in the middle of London.

Southbank itself is a tourist hotspot, so if you wanted to showcase some of your moves to the general public, Southbank is the place to go.

Not only that but being so iconic and well-known, there’s always a bunch of skaters making the most out of the stairs, the railing and benches to land their tricks.

Concrete Waves, Newquay Cornwall

Concrete Waves, NewquayFrom the city to the seaside, Concrete Waves is next on our list and it looks awesome!

If the sea and sand life isn’t for you and you want to go skating, we’d definitely take a look at Concrete Waves in Newquay.

Recently refurbished and transformed from Wooden Waves to Concrete Waves, some high profile skaters do often skate there and it’s a great place to try out new tricks, meet fellow skaters or just go for the atmosphere!

The House, Sheffield

The House, SheffieldOne of the more older skate parks on this list having been around for years, it’s much-loved by skaters due to its competitive rates, friendly atmosphere and even boasts a beginner section for those learning how to get to grips with their scooters or skateboards.

The friendly staff can help you with your tricks, being knowledgeable too and there to give you the best time to enjoy skating!

Kaos Skatepark, Glasgow

Kaos GlasgowKaos skatepark is massive! And it’s a busy place for many skaters. But don’t worry, it’s that big that you’ll find plenty of room to skate and to test out your skills on your scooter.

It looks more like an art installation than a skate park, but it’s large, fun and a great place to hang out and watch some of the best skaters perform their tricks.

Did we mention it’s the largest indoor concrete skatepark in Europe? That alone, should be enough for you to want to go and check it out!

Projekts MCR, Manchester

Projekts MCR, ManchesterA lot of great things have come out of Manchester, music, sport and television. 

So it should come as no surprise that Manchester has one of the best skateparks in the UK in Projekts MCR and we think it’s one of the ultimate skateparks in the UK.

Not only does it have everything you need but it even goes one step further and offers coaching sessions to help you get better at skating and learning how to get the most out of your scooter.

Which One Is Your Favourite?

Have you skated at one of these skateparks? Let us know in the comments below which is your favourite on this list and why.

And if we didn’t include your favourite one, let us know! We want to help our skaters find the best skateparks in the UK!

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