Mashed Up Scooters Christmas Gift Guide

November 30, 2020
Stunt Scooter on the bar

The big day is nearly here yet there is still enough time to go out and get those final few Christmas presents!

And if scooters are your thing, then take a look at the wide range of scooters we have available.

In this guide, we’ll be walking you through each of our ranges, so you know what type of scooter to buy your son or daughter this Christmas.

Stunt Scooters

Just starting out? Our stunt scooters are probably the best ones to opt-in for.

Give your little daredevils a chance to find their feet, balance and style with one of our stunt scooters, perfect to learn on and to start practising some cool tricks on!

And for as little as £39.90 (as it currently stands) these are an absolute bargain for the quality you get!

Dirt Banner

Dirt Scooters

Ok, so your child has mastered stunt scooters, they’re frequently at skate parks putting in hours of practice to learn tricks and they’re ready for the X Games!

Not so fast! Why not take your skills to the next level and learn how to ride on dirt?

With our dirt scooters, you can take your scooter almost anywhere, no matter what the terrain and still see the scooter ride to its full potential.

So if you live near a forest or park or even a dirt trail, consider taking your scooter off-road with our fantastic range of dirt scooters.

Banner Folding Scooter

Folding Scooters

If your son or daughter has started competing then more than likely you’ll be visiting skate parks up and down the country and possibly abroad to enter the best competitions around!

Taking a scooter that doesn’t fold and one that isn’t compact can be a bit of a nightmare.

Hence why we offer fully adjustable kick scooters, easily foldable, lightweight yet strong and durable. These scooters can take all the punishment you give to it and continue to perform again and again.

So if this sounds like your child, consider a foldable scooter for ease of use and transportation.

Banner Electric ScooterElectric Scooters

Maybe you’re looking for a scooter for yourself and the thought of riding around on a stunt scooter or a dirt scooter seems, well, childish?

And that’s ok! Our stunt and dirt scooters were made specifically for a certain type of demographic.

Whereas our electric scooters are made for everybody.

We have a wide range of electric scooters to choose from, all of which are lightweight, easy to transport and are smart enough that it won’t look like you’re riding a child’s scooter (just incase you may be worried about that).

Buy Your Mashed Up Scooter Today

Take a look at our wide range online today and choose the right scooter for you or your child.

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