The Mashed Up Dirt Scooter – All Terrain

March 11, 2021

Take it outside with a Mashed UP dirt scooter!

Dirt scooters are perfect for riding on all-terrain!

Whether that’s forests, dirt tracks, or you just want a more comfortable ride on the pavement, a high-performance body and off-road dirt tires will allow you to perform your best- wherever you are.


Dirt scooter VS kick scooter: What’s the difference?

In short, kick and stunt scooters are designed for smooth surfaces such as pavement or skateparks. Dirt scooters are designed for off-roading and rougher terrain.

The main difference is in the tires. Unlike the kick scooters smaller, harder tires, Dirt scooters can glide over rough terrain with ease.

Our Dirt Scooters are equipped with 200mm wheels shred with 200-40 section off-road pneumatic tyres giving you a comfortable ride anywhere.


Mashed Up Dirt Scooter Board

Where can I use my Dirt scooter?

Dirt scooters are good for all-terrain. However, they are especially good for people that want to ride off-road on dirt trails, in forests, or over grass.

Our scooters are lightweight with a quality feel throughout. Abec-9 bearings make our scooters both strong and flickable.


Mashed Up Dirt Scooter

Features of the Mashed UP dirt scooter:

  • 200mm wheels shred with 200-40 section off-road pneumatic tyres
  • Abec-9 bearings
  • Flat Y-Style Chromoly 470mm wide handlebar
  • CNC 3 bolt clamp
  • CNC headset
  • Re-enforced fork
  • 100mm / 85A CNC Alu Core PU cast wheels
  • Steel stop brake
  • Max load 100kg
  • Deck size: 550mm x 100mm
  • Dimensions: L88cm x W47cm x H93cm
  • Net weight 5.8kg
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